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Libro “Via Mediterra: Die Reise ums Mittelmeer” – Dirk Schäfer

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As is the case in almost all of his travels, Dirk is on his motorbike. Via Mediterra does not just focus on motorbike travel but also on meeting people and their stories. The Mediterranean Sea is definitely more than beaches and holiday resorts, more than dolce vita and sightseeing. For nine months Dirk Schäfer, renowned photo-journalist, went on a 40,000-kilometre tour around the Mediterranean Sea. During his journey, which lead him to twenty-one countries on three continents, holiday feelings and adventures took turns just like the tides do.

Dirk Schäfer’s Via Mediterra presents sensational landscapes and the fascination of motorcycle travelling as well as sensitive portraits of people living somewhere between Barcelona and Beirut. And it is in particular off the beaten track that he finds subjects and scenes that show the seemingly well-known Mediterranean Sea from its most astonishing sides: Take for example the only fjord of the Mediterranean or the volcanic islands in the Tyrrhenian Sea. All of these new insights and the sheer incredible diversity of life on the Mediterranean shores make Via Mediterra one of the great journeys of our days.

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